Our Practitioners

Rachel Skinner Health Space LA Healing Arts

Rachel Skinner, CMT, CYT

I am the founder and director of Health Space LA. I feel overjoyed to be able to practice and teach healing arts. It is an honor to be a part of people’s lives as a health practitioner, advocate, and coach. 

 I use a holistic approach and treatment-specific protocol that has the potential to restructure the body, relieve chronic pain, restore range of motion, increase flexibility, reduce stress and tension, and promote a healthy body. I offer three different treatment sessions; Traditional Thai bodywork, Private Yoga Therapy, and Somatic Healing.

It is my goal to help clients gain relief and shift pain into peace. I understand that bodywork and yoga are powerful preventive applications that treat common ailments. What I love about these methods is that they empower clients to participate in their own healing process and honors their journey of finding tailor-made remedies. I consider what I do as simple and practical but profound because of the difference it makes in my life and those I work with on a daily basis.



Dr. Catherine Uram, M.D.

Catherine Uram MD Health Space LA Holistic Care

I provide highly personalized holistic care from the best of alternative and conventional medicine for complete health of the body, mind and spirit. My goal is to help my patients truly heal, so they can be happy, vibrant, and free. I always employ the most natural interventions first, use medications only when necessary, and actively work with my patients to help them get better faster. 

I treat a wide array of medical and psychiatric conditions including pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and fertility issues.

I am a classically trained MD with fellowship training in integrative medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil. I work with indigenous healers from around the globe, am an avid student of the Heart Center and a Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner for over 10 years, which permeates throughout all of my work.