Advanced Thai Bodywork II


This advanced course focuses on integration and immersion in treatment focus protocol.

We will dive deep in learning about the core areas of the body such as the spine and belly, cardiovascular and nervous system. We will advance our palpation skills and learn advance Thai massage techniques for the abdomen and spine.

Study Thai Bodywork in Los Angeles Health Space LA

You’ll learn:

  • The anatomy of the belly and overview of digestive system (5th layer in Thai Anatomy)

  • Palpation techniques

  • Abdominal massage using Thai massage oil with recipe

  • Working through the layers with a sensitive and intelligent touch

  • Spinal nerve and central nervous system treatments

  • Engage parasympathetic nervous system

  • Targeted myofascial and neuromuscular release techniques

  • Wind gate star series

  • Heart mind treatment for calming the mental winds

  • Reusi Datton self care and spiritual practice

  • Thai medical theory and application

A 4-day course, 10am -5pm each day


Prerequisite: Basics, Basics II, and Advanced

Next class schedule coming soon.