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Our classes are hands-on, comprehensive, and small — offering an engaging learning experience.

Health Space LA offers training for professionals to gain skills for a rewarding career. We teach our students unique traditional healing arts practices that sets them far apart from the rest.

Our teachers are well-seasoned as practitioners and educators.

Please learn about our courses below and contact us with any questions.

Thai Bodywork Basics

5-day course

A foundation course to introduce you to Thai Bodywork and Thai Element Theory. You’ll learn simple, effective hands-on techniques. For beginners and experienced Thai massage practitioners.


Thai Bodywork Basics II

5-day course

A deeper dive into practicing and learning skillful application of Thai deep tissue techniques. You’ll experience these deep techniques and learn how they bring structural change to muscle, fascia and sen.


Advanced Thai

4-day course

Learn how to break away from routine and sequence and customize your treatments for individual clients. You’ll be introduced to Lanna medicine and build a unique toolbox of techniques that will set you a apart.


Advanced Thai
Bodywork II

4-day course

In-depth learning about the spine and belly, cardiovascular and nervous systems. You’ll improve palpation skills and learn advanced Thai techniques for the abdomen and spine.


Thai Bodywork Herbal Compress

2-day course

Hot herbal compresses are used throughout Thailand enhancing the massage experience. This tool is traditionally found in every Thai massage practitioner’s tool basket.

Learn to Make Thai Herbal Compresses