Private Yoga

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Yoga Therapy

Private yoga sessions will give you building blocks to explore the way you want to move, release tension, and build strength.

We teach yoga to help relieve aches and pains, improve and restore posture, and increase stamina and vitality. 

Private Yoga Stamina Energy Los Angeles


Yoga builds our stamina so we have a reserve of energy at all times. We will build strength and stamina with aerobic and isometric yoga exercise. Stamina building movement helps rehabilitate and prevent injuries.  

Chronic Pain Management Los Angeles


Pain Relief with Thai Massage Los Angeles


Digestive and cardiovascular health can be achieved through practicing yoga. Yoga helps relieve stress and pain and strengthens our immune system and overall well-being with breathing, movement, and relaxation exercises.   

Practicing yoga increases mobility, improves our posture, and enhances our body awareness. It's amazing how fast we see results! Healthy posture and body mechanics, joint mobility and muscle balance are easily achieved with a steady practice.  

Dress comfortably in clothes you can move and stretch in.
Health Space LA provides all yoga equipment needed.

Private Yoga Session Fees

60 minutes $95

Couples Session $175

Packages Available